• Normal People

    Sally Rooney brings her psychological acuity to the pages as she masterfully describes the complexities of first loves, flawed friendships, and broken families in nuanced detail. Synopsis: In school, Connell was popular and well-adjusted, while Marianne was isolated and lonely. Despite that, they felt a deep bond and attraction. One they were determined to keep hidden. Now both in college,…

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  • The Apology

    A deeply moving and powerful account of abuse and betrayal at the hands of her father, Eve Ensler imagines the apology she’ll never actually receive. Synopsis: Sexually and physically abused… Read More

  • The Piper's Son

    Another beautifully brutal novel by award-winner Melina Marchetta, about a young man and his family struggling to heal after being ripped apart by a tragedy. Synopsis: The Piper’s Son reopens… Read More


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