Harbor Me

Jacqueline Woodson brings us another powerful story about connection and compassion in Harbor Me. A must-read!

If the worst thing in the world happened, would I help protect someone else? Would I let myself be a harbor for someone who needs it?⠀
Then she said, ‘I want each of you to say to the other: I will harbor you.’⠀
I will harbor you.

— Jacqueline Woodson


Bit-Sized Review:

An unlikely group of young students pushed together by need, discussing their personal lives every Friday in a special room at school set aside for them by their intuitive teacher. Through immigration, bullying, prejudice, imprisonment, death and loss, identity, belonging, and racial injustice, these 5th/6th graders learn so much about themselves, each other, and the world.⠀

Oh my heart! This middle grade novel was short in pages, but packed full of beautiful instances of connection, emotions, compassion, empathy, and courage. This is going on my must-read list for all humans. ⠀

Book Details

Harbor Me
Jacqueline Woodson⠀
Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published August 28th 2018 by Nancy Paulsen Books


A diverse group of middle grade youth come together in friendship through shared experience, and a sense of belonging to and protection of each other. A must-read for all ages!

— Cassie
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